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PostSubject: -+=RULES=+-   -+=RULES=+- Icon_minitimeThu Dec 13, 2007 7:15 am

Not big rules, but things I wont to happen! cyclops

There are secret forums, that only higher groups can see.
I'm working on alot of things right now, but one of them is more ranks
I think we all enjoy ranks..^.^
To become a Special member all you have to do is post 20 times, thats it. then tell me or Haru and BOOM
To become a Moderator or a Guardian you will need to be a rank (in RO) of 4 or higher. (I'm going to make these later) and need either Haru or myself to approve, then you will have one of the highest ranks on the forum and game.
To be in a group for The Oridecon Games, you must be a special member, and be invited to the group by the controller of the group.(I will make this soon, I think it would be very fun)
No swearing unless you are in the threads for specials and above.
No Porn.
Jokes of anykind are ok, longs if they don't break other rules or bother anyone, if they do you will recieve a small warning and the post will be sent to the Basket.
The Basket can only be viewed by Special Members and up.
Admins are the only ones able to post and reply in the Basket.
The avatar size limit is 150 by 200, I'm thinking about increasing that though.
Not sure what the forum limit is for a sig, but anything goes for me. just dont recieve complaints about it.
The forum e-mails you if you gone 5 days without posting, I think thats ok, it's just an e-mail for 5
thats it, check back later for more rules to ruin your fun..Bye Bye now..

-+=RULES=+- Ren%203
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